Here is our new Shiba Inu puppy named Romo, he is 8 weeks old.
He's so cute.  
Holly and Mike
Dear Shelba,
I would like to use this time to say thanks to you for bring this
adorableShiba to our family. Last Tuesday when I first contacted
you on the phone, I asked you many questions because it was
my first time to get my pet on the internet. However, you patiently
and appropriately answered all my questions regarding the
Shiba. I felt comfortable with you and that I decided to purchase
my Shiba from you than other kennels.
You delivered what you had promised us and our beautiful
Shiba arrived at our home in excellent conditions. A few days
ago, his vet said that He is very healthy and active for that
we are very thankful, you had been taken very good  care of
our Shiba. For the first three days, he was quite but still very
active. Now He knows he is living in a loving home where he
is loved and well taken care of. He likes to stay outside,
he enjoys staying in our backyard. And we take him to the
park every day , he loves it. He loves going up the hills since
we live on the hills. It has been a wonderful and positive experience of
purchasing our Shiba from you!
Best regards, Andrew
Hi Shelba and Larry,
Here's one of Mugsy, as we take more we'll send
them to you!
Thanks again,
Adam & Kellie
Hi Shelba,
I am Timothy, next week I will be 7 months old. I am very loved by my family here.
Attached is the picture of me I took this afternoon. Have a blessed thanksgiving!
Hi Shelba!
Penny visited our vet on Friday and she is perfectly healthy!   You have raised a well
socialized and happy pup. She doesn't shake at all when introduced to new people.
When we met her at the airport, she was just waiting to give us kisses through her
crate. I hope we can continue to keep her happy and healthy!! Here
are a few pictures of our precious little jewel, Ruby
Hi Shelba

Here are the pictures from his first day home.  I gave him a new name,
Raffnar.  He seems to like it.  He used to sing sometime when I called
him. Very dominant little boy.  Time for a snip and clip.
Gonna try and get some new pics tonight

Jay Westerman

Here are some pics I got tongiht.  My older dog, Zeo is somewhat of a
camera hound as well, so I got the brothers together.  Hope you enjoy!

Mitzi arrived in good shape.She was alert and standins
at the crate door when the airlines brought her to the counter. She travels well!

When she got out of crate in car we had a heating pad as it was only 25 degrees
here yesterday. She acts like she grew up here. No shyness in this puppy! She
has met her house mates a 11yr. old female Shih Tzu and a 2yr. old nuetered male
Shiba Inu. The Shih Tzu of course is royalty so she just ignores her and the
Shiba Inu is scared of her. lol He is getting used to her but he still can't believe
that there is another dog in the house that moves as fast as he does.

You bred and raised a perfect Shiba Inu. She isn't afraid of anything. She loves
people. She is curious about everything. Her markings are beautiful. But mostly,
she is the perfect dog for us. We love her already. We will try not to spoil her too

She goes to vets on Saturday but I don't expect any trouble. The vets up here
aren't too familiar with this breed. The one vet descibes them as 'testy' whatever
that means. She won't be seeing him! Testy is made to sound like they are biters
which I haven't found to be true.

I will send pictures in a couple of weeks if you would like.

Thank you very much for Mitzi!

Dodie Campbell
Hello Shelba, just got home from picking up ginger, tried calling
youbut I think I have a bad connection! Anyways just wanted to
touch base, she's safe and couldn't be any cuter! I'm in love!
Thank you so so much again!
Thank you, he is a great dog We are very
happy to have him in our home-

ps: I have attached a recent photo
Hi Shelba,
Thanks so much for sending us Sport (Razor) Hunter named him. After his
nervous first two days he was running around with his tail curled over his
back like he owns the place, and just loves being outside in Florida. He
has a bunch of toys but seems to like everything that's not his. He has
been to the vet and got a good report.  He also got his first bath and seemed
to like it. I was able to get his food from Petsmart here in town too.
Housebreaking has been going well, one accident in the house and one in
his kennel, the one in his kennel was my fault.

Last night was his first night that he slept from 11:00 to 6:30.

Here he is with Hunter, Thanks again, as he grows we'll send you some new

Happy New Year!!!

Ken & Hunter

I was on your web page and I was looking at the puppies and then looking at the posted
pictures of the puppies that had found great homes.  Just wanted to send you a couple of
new photos of Mugsy.  

I just wanted to say thank-you for the best dog in the world.  I couldn't have asked for a
better dog.  Mugsy is so full of energy and he loves to run as fast as he can whenever
he is out side.  I sent you a picture of Mugsy from one of our MN snow falls.  He loves
to play in the snow and eat as much as he can.  The other two are the most recent.
He now weighs 23 pounds.  He loves to go for walks and he love to play with his sister
Cooper, she is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  Cooper is two months younger and they get
along great.  So thank-you once again, we really couldn't have asked for a better pet.
Hope all is well with you and your dogs/puppies.  
Adam and Kellie Meeker Mugsy and Cooper
Hello Shelba!  Here are some pictures of how happy =)  lizzy is.
first picture is me, Lizzy, and my husband Dave in our new house.
all for her! Second closeup is when she finally sat on my lap
next pictures are her playing with the family and my brothers dog
Hero, they are good friends. He brings his toys and drops them in
front of her.
Thank you so much for Lizzy!
Hi Shelba,
Sorry it has taken us so long to send you a picture and update on
Lola(Misty)...this picture was taken on Easter Sunday( Lola belongs
to my oldest daughter Mia(11)  and this is her sister Téa(6). She is
now 14 weeks old and we love her so much. She is going to her 3rd
week of Puppy Kindergarten and is a model student. She is very shy
with new people especially men? Any tips on getting through this?
We are so happy with her, thank you for such a sweet dog!!!!! we
will send more pictures soon.  Melissa Mazzeo
Hi Shelba,  
Just wanted to send you some pictures of Chase (we have been
calling him Yogi). He is the greatest dog and I'm pretty sure he came
housebroken because we have not had an accident yet....knock on
wood.  He already knows sit, lay down and rollover.  We are working
on crawling now and he is just so AMAZING and willing to learn.
We love  him so much!!!!  We will send more pictures as he grows.
Thanks, Julie and Matt Mead
Hi Shelba,

Yogi (aka Chase) wanted us to send some recent pictures t
his friends and family in Arkansas.  I'm pretty sure he pose for the
camera...  when we put his Halloween costume on (skull necklace
he was ready for his picture to be taken, he KNOWS how
handsome he is ;) We also wanted to let you that Yogi is doing great.
He is such an awesome lilttle man and is very well behaved.  We've
been thinking he might want a sister for Christmas???  Did Rachel
that was born in July find a home? We don't see her on the site
anymore, she is just adorable. Hope everything is going good
with you guys and we might be talking to you before Christmas??  
Julie, Matt and Yogi Mead